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Founded August 17, 1986 at the home of Brother Joseph Herbert, Sr.

Charter Members
Brother Joseph Herbert, Sr. (Eta Psi - '69)
Brother Melvin Daniels, Sr. (Mu Zeta - '73)
Brother Dale Strickland (Mu Zeta - '75)
Brother Dion Allen (Mu Zeta - '80)
Brother R. Lee Dennis (Eta - '69)
Brother Percy Ford (Theta Rho - '84)
Brother Terry Looper (Mu Zeta - '73)
Brother Claude Sawyer (Tau Psi - '62)
Brother James Powell (Psi Psi - '71)

Chartered February 28, 1987 with 9 charter members

Bro. Joseph Herbert, Basileus
Bro. Claude Sawyer, Vice Basileus
Bro. Dion Allen, Keeper of Finance
Bro. R. Lee Dennis, Keeper of Record and Seal

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